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The Complete CoverCress Inc. Team:

The CoverCress Inc. Leadership Team:

Mike DeCamp
Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Steiner
Executive Chair, Founder, & Former CEO

Matt Luetje
Chief Operating Officer

Dale Sorensen
Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Tim Ulmasov
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Mark Messmer
SVP of Breeding & Product Delivery

Dr. Ratan Chopra
Director of Genetics

Chris Aulbach
VP of Agronomy

Dr. Jerry Hjelle

Dr. Gary Hartnell

Board Members:

Jerry Steiner
Executive Chairman

Mike DeCamp

Rick Holton Jr.

J. Alan Weber

John Peryam

Dr. Derek Norman

Nanda Kumar Puthucode

Initial (Retired) Founders:

Dennis Plummer, Mike Roth, Vijay Chauhan


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We value the contributions of our partnerships and relationships with Universities, Farmers, Investor Groups, Government organizations and the 39 North AgTech /Plant Science Innovation Division and the BRDG Park ecosystem

CoverCress especially appreciates our relationship with IPREFER (Integrated Pennycress Research Enabling Farm & Energy Resilience Project).

Dr. John C. Sedbrook

Dr. Win Phippen

Dr. M. David Marks

39 North AgTech /Plant Science Innovation Division

Office building



CoverCress Inc. is located right in the middle of 39N, a complete Ag tech innovation district located in St. Louis.
CoverCress Inc. has office and lab space at the Helix Center,
uses molecular genetic lab space at Bridge Park
and does all greenhouse and tissue culture work at the Danforth Center.

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