CoverCress™ Field Day Details:

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Thursday, May 26
10 am -12 noon
IPREFER WIU team and IPREFER Project Director Win Phippen WIU Research Farm
Updated Location:
286 Ember Rd
Macomb, IL 61455

News and Company Milestones


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CoverCress Inc Press Release:     Bunge and CoverCress Inc. Announce Commercial Partnership
     to Meet Growing Demand for Renewable Fuel Feedstocks.
     Bunge, Chevron Make New Investments in CoverCress Inc.
     (Apr 26, 2022)

The New York Times - Paid Post:     Part of a video series by Leaps by Bayer.
     CoverCress is honored to be highlighted as a company making “leaps” as a novel low-carbon biofuel cover crop
     focused on finding better solutions to the big problems facing climate change and optimized agriculture.
     (Nov, 2021)

pbsinternational:     Podcast with Mark Messmer
     CoverCress, Inc, is breeding a well-known winter annual weed into a cash crop
     that benefits farmers’ bottom line and the environment.
     (Sept, 2021)

CoverCress Inc Press Release:     CoverCress Inc. Names New CEO
     as Winter Oilseed Edges Closer to Commercialization
     Mike DeCamp, former COO, will lead company through launch of new crop
     (May 13, 2021)

FarmWeek Now:     CoverCress preparing launch of commercial pennycress      (May 12, 2021)

The Pantagraph:     New crop potential in Illinois farming off-season      (May 09, 2021)

AgriNews:     CoverCress offers value of cover crops plus income from selling grain      (May 07, 2021)

AgFunderNews:     St Louis-based CoverCress is gearing up for its first harvest and a soft launch this year,
      and is aiming to have 50,000 acres of its 'cash cover crop' planted in 2022.
     (Apr 01, 2021)

CoverCress Inc Press Release:     CoverCress Inc. announces $8 million in partner funding for
     new low carbon oilseed. The First 'Cash Cover Crop' Edges Closer to Commercialization
     (Mar 24, 2021)

Agricultural Utilization Research Institute:     Growing Markets for Winter Oilseeds:
     Camelina and Pennycress (Webinar)
     Mike DeCamp, CoverCress Inc's COO presentation starts at time 28:48.
     (Mar 01, 2021)

Illinois Farmer Today:     Startups find space to grow at Danforth Center
      CoverCress utilizes the greenhouse space at BRDG Park, a plant science incubator
     connected to the Danforth Center.
     (Feb 13, 2021)

The Agribusiness Adviser:     Episode 16. A Discussion with Mike DeCamp, Chief Operating Officer of CoverCress, Inc.
      Hear how CoverCress helps provide more revenue opportunities for growers.
     (Feb 06, 2021)

AG News Daily:     CoverCress: A New Cover Crop
      Mike DeCamp's interview starts after the 12 minute mark (12:25).
      Hear the details about the first commercial launch of CoverCress for fall of 2021 (20:40).
      Learn how the Founding Farmers Club supports the sustainability movement in farming.
     (Feb 03, 2021)

AgFunderNews:     Agtech CVC: Leaps by Bayer on adopting an impact lens for corporate venturing
     CoverCress is highlighted as a great example of a company in Leaps by Bayer's investment portfolio.
     (Jan 26, 2021)

St Louis Business Journal:     St. Louis Business Journal announced today the top companies in biotech and ag-tech.
     CoverCress Inc, came in number 10!
     (Nov 20, 2020)

BiofuelsDigest:     The NEXT 50 Companies to Disrupt the World* (*in a really great way) for 2020.
     CoverCress on slide 17 of 52.
     (Nov 18, 2020)

Newswise:     Great news for CoverCress and increased carbon sequestration!      (Oct 20, 2020)

The Pantagraph:     'Wonder weed' research at Illinois State University called a 'game changer'      (Oct 13, 2020)

25 News     Cashing in on Pennycress      (Oct 12, 2020)

The Van Trump Report:     NEW “Cash Crop” Project to Consider!      (Summer, 2020)

BiofuelsDigest:     Till, Baby, Till – $13M DOE grant advances new high-value feedstock, pennycress      (Aug 24, 2020)

ABLC Digital 2020:     CoverCress' CEO, Jerry Steiner, on ABLC (Advanced Bio-economy Leadership Conference).      (2020)

CoverCress Inc Newsletter:     $5M raised in April.     Mike DeCamp COO.     Founding Farmers Club.      (2Q/2020)

AgFunderNews:     Cargill to pay Iowa farmers for carbon sequestration and water quality
      with Iowa Soybean Association
     (Apr 21, 2020)

Media coverage on $5M in new financing and new COO for CoverCress Inc.      (Apr 13, 2020)
Please read more under the 3 links below:    
      Biodiesel Magazine
      St. Louis Business Journal

CoverCress Inc Press Release:     CoverCress Inc. Secures $5 Million in New Financing
      for Low Carbon Intensity Crop Development and hires new COO.
     (Apr 13, 2020)

BIODIESEL Magazine:     World Energy doubles down on biodiesel amid coronavirus pandemic      (Apr 3, 2020)

Knowable Magazine, from Annual Reviews:     Sustainability: The Soil Solution      (Mar 11, 2020)

Midwest Cover Crop Council event:     We had a great time at the Midwest Cover Crop Council event in Kansas City.
     (Feb 11-12, 2020)

Biofuels Digest:     Biofuels Digest features CoverCress as the new winter crop for the Midwest.      (Dec 16, 2019)

CoverCress Inc Newsletter:     2019 Awards and Grants.     Field Trials.     CoverCress Team.      (3Q/2019)

Pennycress research received $10M USDA grant! This will be a multi institution effort led by WIU,
      and CoverCress is the commercial partner in the team.
     (Sep 17, 2019)

SeedWorld announces the $10M USDA grant for pennycress research.      (Sep 16, 2019)

CoverCress is proud of Dr Dillip Shah for his award!
      Dr Shah has been a wonderful partner on our IN² award and recently announced SBIR grant!
     (Aug, 2019)

biofuels international magazine:     "Diverse, domestic feedstocks" article discusses CoverCress's US biodiesel role.
     see page 10, column 4
     (Jul / Aug, 2019)

CoverCress Inc. was selected to participate in the first agtech cohort of IN² companies!      (May 14, 2019)
Please read more under the 4 links below:    
      St. Louis Business Journal
      Yahoo Finance
      National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
      The Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN²)

Wells Fargo News Release:     Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator Selects Five Startups Focused on Sustainable Food Production.
      CoverCress is one of the chosen five.
     (May 13, 2019)

BIODIESEL Magazine:     Where Will All the Feedstock Come From?
      Scroll for details on CoverCress' role in developing farmer-friendly, soil-supporting,
      high-quality feedstock and virgin oil.
     (Apr 02, 2019)

CoverCress Inc Quarterly Newsletter:     CoverCress is here!     Team is growing.     Farmers provide feedback.      (1Q/2019)

USA Today Special Edition:     U.S. Department of Agriculture 2019 Special Edition
      Features articles on soil health, cover crop adoption and more.
     (Mar 27, 2019)

Washington University in St. Louis, FUSE:     Olin alum leads ag tech startup to new $2M funding round      (Feb 19, 2019)

Inc. Magazine:     This St. Louis Company Invented a Weed That Could Save Farming (and the Environment)      (Feb 01, 2019)

CoverCress Inc Video News:     Hear Jerry Steiner, CoverCress Inc.'s CEO describe company name change timing.      (4Q/2018)

CoverCress Inc Quarterly Newsletter:     CoverCress: New Name, New Crop. Highlights of exciting future plans.      (4Q/2018)

Illinois AGRINEWS:     New Cover Crop Introduced; Cash in on cover crop      (Dec 14, 2018)

American Seed Trade Association:     ASTA's CSS 2018 & Seed Expo      (Dec 3-6, 2018)

AgFunderNews:     World Soil Day:
      Startups Aiming to Improve the Condition of Agricultural Soils
     (Dec 5, 2018)

CoverCress Inc. Press Release:     Arvegenix Changes Name to CoverCress Inc.
      Secures $2 Million in New Financing for Novel Crop Development
      BioGenerator and Bayer Growth Ventures co-lead latest funding round
     (Nov 14, 2018)

St. Louis Business Journal:     Bayer co-leads $2 million financing for local agtech startup
      Subscription required for viewing.
     (Nov 14, 2018)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:     St. Louis startup chasing new cash crop raises $2 million, rebrands as CoverCress      (Nov 14, 2018)

AgFunderNews:     BREAKING: CoverCress Raises $2m to Develop Gene-Edited Cover Cash Crop      (Nov 13, 2018)

iSelect webinar series: Ag Food Conversations:     "Arvegenix: A Productive Winter Cover Crop That Pays."
      Webinar series sponsored by iSelect, VanTrump and The Yield Lab. Scroll down to watch replay.
      Registration required for viewing.
     (Sep 13, 2018)

St. Louis Business Journal:     Arvegenix and 39N cited in the new Brookings report      (Jul 25, 2018)

Nature Reviews Magazine:     Arvegenix cited in the interesting article:
      "The future of CRISPR technologies in agriculture"
     (May 01, 2018)

City of Creve Coeur:     Arvegenix received the "Most Innovative Business Award: 2018"
      from the city of Creve Coeur.
     (Apr 17, 2018)

NPR:     "A Grass-Roots Movement For Healthy Soil Spreads Among Farmers"      (Apr 09, 2018)


CoverCress Inc. - Company Development & Milestones



Matt Luetje joins CoverCress as Chief Operating Officer

(Dec 2021)

Dale Sorensen joins CoverCress as Chief Commercial Officer

(Nov 2021)

Ratan Chopra joins CoverCress as Director of Genetics

(Sept 2021)

REG Strategic Investment in CoverCress

(May 2021)

Pennycress is now an insurable crop in the state of Illinois

(Mar 2021)

CoverCress Inc. Secures $8 Million in B Series Funding

Bunge, a strategic investor in the crush plant value chain, led the funding.
(Mar 2021)


CoverCress Inc. graduated to its very own headquarters in 39° North

(Nov 2020)

CoverCress Inc. Secures $5 Million in New Financing

New Financing for Low Carbon Intensity Crop Development. Fulcrum Global Capital and Hermann Companies co-lead the funding round.
(Apr 2020)

New COO: Mike DeCamp joined!

(Apr 2020)


Pennycress research received $10M USDA grant

CoverCress is the commercial partner in multi-institution effort led by WIU.
(Sep 2019)

CoverCress team grows

New lines achieved yields; prior lines show consistency

(May 2019)

Awarded 1st Agtech Cohort for IN² Incubator

(May 2019)

CoverCress® crop is here!

(Jan 2019)


Changed company name from Arvegenix to CoverCress Inc.

Series A-1 financing

Demonstrated excellent plant emergence under different levels of corn residue

(Fall 2018 Planting)

Achieved great progress in grain composition research

Validated yields

(May 2018)


Follow-on Series A financing

Formed genomics partnership with Illinois State University

Completed 3 years of field tests and met initial yield goal


Planted the 1st progeny developed by the breeding program


Formed a Delaware C corporation with Series A financing

Built a strong crop development team

Built a large and diverse native pennycress collection

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