A Productive Winter Crop that also Covers

September: Aerial planting
over standing corn
November: Excellent soil
coverage over winter
April: Explosive Growth
Late May: harvest with
standard combine
June: No till soybeans
growing in CoverCress stubble
Oil: For food and bioenergy
Meal: High protein meal
for animal feed


  • CoverCress was developed from pennycress.
  • Covers and protects open soil between corn and soybean crops.
  • Produces an oilseed crop for food, bioenergy and cattle feed.
  • Fits on 30-32M acres that each year rotate from corn to soybean.


CoverCress Seed is Processed into:



Opportunity for new, high quality food oil


Low carbon feedstock for production of renewable diesel & jet


Meal product to be used in animal feed




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