CoverCress Inc. (formerly Arvegenix Inc.) is developing a novel crop, called CoverCress®, based on the native plant pennycress. CoverCress is a new winter oilseed cash crop designed to provide winter and early spring soil cover between corn harvest and soybean planting, while producing an oilseed crop. CoverCress oil and protein meal are similar to that of canola.


A Productive Winter Crop that also Covers

September: Aerial planting
over standing corn
November: Excellent soil
coverage over winter
April: Explosive Growth
Late May: harvest with
standard combine
June: No till soybeans
growing in CoverCress stubble
Oil: For food and bioenergy
Meal: High protein meal
for animal feed


  • CoverCress was developed from pennycress.
  • Covers and protects open soil between corn and soybean crops.
  • Produces an oilseed crop for food, bioenergy and cattle feed.
  • Fits on 30-32M acres that each year rotate from corn to soybean.


CoverCress Seed is Processed into:



Opportunity for new, high quality food oil


Low carbon feedstock for production of renewable diesel & jet


Meal product to be used in animal feed