Onboarding Process

Our commitment at CCI is to ensure that our new CoverCress® crop is successfully introduced to Agents and farmers, fostering long-term success.
Year 1

Observation &

Begin by seeding CoverCress® for demonstration purposes, focusing on crop observation and learning CCI's digital tools.

Year 2

Expansion &

Expand CoverCress® to more farmers, leveraging your first-year experience.

Year 3

Growth &

Increase demonstrations and start grain production with third-year farmers.

"CoverCress® is great because you plant it in the fall, and it's ready to harvest just in time to get your soybeans in for the season. This way, I get to have three cash crops in two years. Plus, it's an oilseed crop, which is getting more popular with all the demand from the fuel industry. I'm always on the lookout for ways to make my farm better, and CoverCress® seems like a smart choice."

- Duane Pomerenke, CCI Agent

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* Indiana is pending regulatory approval - current planting opportunities will be conducted under permit


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