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CCI is preparing for a Fall 2023 pre-commercial demonstration of CoverCress™ in select geographies. Applications are being accepted for a limited number of Authorized Agents - don't delay in expressing your interest via the form below. 

Agent Benefits

Position Your Customers for a Long-Term Incremental Revenue Opportunity

Strengthen your customer relationships by bringing them a value-added solution.

Farmers can grow a third cash crop in two seasons by incorporating CoverCress™ into their system as a winter crop between a standard corn/soybean rotation.

Be on the Leading Edge of a New Seed Technology

Differentiate your business by partnering with CCI to deliver a new, climate-smart winter oilseed cash crop.

By engaging with CCI early, you’ll be best positioned to contract successfully, service, and support your CCI customers.

Earn Commissions

In future years, earn commission on every acre you contract for grain with your CCI customers.

Agent Objectives and Onboarding Process

Providing superior customer support and service throughout the growing season is critical to the success of this new crop. We’re looking for Agents who have a solid agronomic foundation and are interested in a hands-on experience this coming Fall.  

Year 1 Agent Objectives: We want to encourage new Agents to plant CoverCress™ on their farm or with 1-2 trusted farmers. The crop will be only for demonstration purposes and will not be taken to harvest. New Agents will observe the crop and begin learning about the supporting digital tools from CCI that foster longer term commercialization. 

CCI Agent activities and onboarding include making you an expert on CoverCress™ before soliciting customer business:  

Year 2 Agent Objectives: Agents in their second year will bring the crop to a broader subset of their farmers and will have the opportunity to take a limited number of acres to harvest. 

Year 3 and Beyond Agent Objectives: Agents can expand the number of farmers planting demonstrations and moving farmers toward grain production on their acres. 



2022-2024 Geography


* Indiana is pending regulatory approval - current planting opportunities will be conducted under permit



CoverCress™: Built for Growth 

Click here to learn more about our commercial partnerships and farm-to-fuel supply chain.  


Getting Started is Easy 

CCI will support you every step of the way. From training to lead generation, CCI wants to ensure that our new CoverCress™ crop is introduced to Agents and farmers in a manner that brings long term success. 

Please complete the form below if you’re interested in learning more about the CCI Agent program and how it can help grow your business. 

Agent Interest

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