CCI is preparing for a pre-commercial demonstration of our CoverCress™ crop in select geographies for planting during Fall 2024. Innovative farmers looking to gain first-hand experience and reap the many benefits of a cover crop can sign up to receive additional information!  

Farmer Benefits of CoverCress

A CoverCress crop can potentially deliver a new revenue opportunity for farmers with a cover crop's added soil health benefits. Farmers can achieve these benefits without much time, resources, or crop management.

Potential Farm Economics

  • Crop and carbon economic benefit
  • Transforms corn-soy rotation into three cash crops in two years
  • No new land or equipment is required
  • Potential reduction in next crop chemistry needs due to early weed suppression
  • Greater than $170 per acre gross revenue opportunity (fluctuates with current soybean market values)
  • $2,500 value in CoverCress seed

Benefits of a Cover Crop

  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Improves soil health
  • Reduces pest pressure
  • Improves soil microbiology
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Increases nutrient recycling
  • Improves winter annual weed control
  • Protects water quality

Easy to Do Business

  • No upfront costs required
  • Programs are in place to minimize any risk to the farmer
  • Utilizes field passes already needed in a corn and soybean crop rotation
  • No need to market and sell the grain as CoverCress has an established end-market

Farmers can have confidence in the future of producing a CoverCress crop in partnership with our company.

  • 10+ years of research, product development, and field testing (over 13,000 research plots were planted in the fall of 2022, with ~90 acres of yield trials)
  • Established end-use markets (feed & fuel), mitigating farmer risk

"It's an opportunity to have a third crop for revenue in two years while still getting the soil health benefits of a cover crop."

Doug Hubner, Partner, Hubner Industries, LLC., and Hubner Farms

Fall of 2024 Farmer Interest

We seek select farmers who are interested in partnering with CCI for the 2024/2025 Farmer Adoption Program. Interested farmers will contract with us to raise and manage a CoverCress crop through termination. Farmers will be supported throughout the process and encouraged to share honest feedback throughout the season. Limited spots are available, so don't delay!


Farmer Expectations

  • Interest in new experiences
  • Willing to commit to a minimum of 40-160 acres
  • Plant preceding corn/soybean crop early (25% moisture or short season)
  • Seed CoverCress before October 10
  • Terminate crop by April 30 via tillage or herbicide system of choice


More Information & Signup

Click the map to view the area (shaded teal) for the 2024/2025 crop demonstrations.

Farmer Interest

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