Benefits of Participating in the Program

1. Risk-Free Exploration

Farmers can explore the potential of CoverCress® on their own farms without any grain contract obligations, allowing for a thorough and unhindered evaluation over two years.

2. Building Confidence and Expertise

The program offers a platform for farmers to gain confidence and develop expertise in incorporating CoverCress® into their crop rotation, while also reaping the benefits of a fall cover crop on up to 100 acres each year.

3. Valuable Incentives

Participants receive complimentary CoverCress® seed, with an implied value of up to $2,500 or $25 per acre annually. This not only reduces initial investment but also enhances the overall value of joining the program.

4. Eligibility for Carbon Programs

By participating in the Farm Adoption Program, farmers may qualify for various carbon programs. To explore these opportunities, contact the appropriate representatives of the various carbon and cover crop programs in your area.

"We're excited about the chance to add a third cash crop into our rotation — it's not just great for incremental revenue, but it helps keep our soil healthy and strong with living plants and roots all winter long."

- Brett Ochs, Farmer

Join the Farm Adoption Program Today

CCI is now accepting applications for the Farm Adoption Program through July 15th, 2024, from farmers within our designated territory, as illustrated below.



Take this opportunity to be part of an agricultural evolution. With the Farm Adoption Program, discover how CoverCress® can transform your farming practice, both economically and sustainably. Embrace the future of farming with CCI.


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