CCI is a scientifically advanced, forward-thinking company focused on developing a climate-smart agricultural product that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through both sequestration and mitigation. In 2013, CCI was born out of ambition and the need to pursue a renewable and sustainable energy source for fuel and feed.

Energy – in all its forms – enables growth and prosperity.  Yet, US goals to reduce net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 50% by 2030 demand a shift toward low-carbon energy sources.  Renewable fuels such as renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and biodiesel produced from ultra-low carbon intensity sources such as CoverCress® can meaningfully contribute to a low carbon future. A CoverCress crop is just one-way agriculture can evolve to meet the increasing demand. We believe that new market opportunities can be realized by finding innovative ways to make sustainable fuel and feed through leading-edge technologies.

Company Development & Milestones

company timeline company timeline company timeline CoverCress, formerly known as Arvegenix, established by 3 Monsanto alumni

Built a large and diverse native pennycress collection

Established a strong crop development team
Raised $3M

Gene editing program focused on improving crop quality

Completed 3 years of field tests and met initial yield goals

Established collaborations & university partnerships
Pennycress research received a $10M USDA grant

IPREFER is established

Company name changed to CoverCress Inc.

First CoverCress crop established
Raised $8M

CEO & Executive Chair Transition

2nd patent awarded
Grown team to 30+

1st commercial planting of CoverCress® on ~3k acres with ~25 growers

Raised $3M

Build an experienced leadership team

Breeding program focused on yield & maturity
Raised $3M

Demonstrated excellent plant emergence

Validated yields and achieved great progress in grain composition
Raised $5M

1st patent awarded
Established long-term commercial partnership with Bunge and Chevron

Raised $26M

Sold controlling equity interest to Bayer resulting in 3 strategic owners along with Bunge & Chevron

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